18 National Open Pinzgauer Show, Supreme Champion Pinzgauer, National Champion Female, Shown by Shelby Ferguson Test

Shelby Ferguson

“I have been raising and showing cattle for six years now. Three years ago, I started using the Sure Champ and noticed a huge difference in the overall quality of my cattle. We started taking the Vita Charge® Stress Tubs to every show we attended and leaving them out in our pens, and noticed that our cattle would continue to eat and drink no matter the location or weather. Being from Houston, the Sure Champ® Climate Control (Transitioned to Vita Charge® Climate Control Gel July 2019) really helps our cattle to stay cool and not stress. We use the Vita Charge® Liquid Boost® at every show we attend to make sure that our cattle stay hydrated and have the proper electrolytes that they need. For all of these reasons, we use every Sure Champ/Vita Charge product on our cattle at home and at shows.”