Sheridan Chaney

“I have been using Sure Champ® products for about six years now, and I’ve found that these products have definitely helped achieve some of my biggest goals. For example, recently I exhibited at the National Western Stock Show in the Catch-A-Calf (CAC) program. I was fortunate enough to win the Grand Champion CAC title with my Red Angus steer Milo. Throughout the course of the program I always fed Sure Champ to Milo. When I first brought him home, I gave him a Vita Charge® Stress Tub. This product was really beneficial by helping to calm Milo down in his new environment. Leading up to and at shows I used Vita Charge Liquid Boost®. I firmly believe that these Sure Champ and Vita Charge products kept Milo’s appetite and rumen health on track and helped me achieve one of my greatest livestock goals.”