1. Promotes a healthy appetite on a daily basis and during high stress times.
  2. Strengthens growth rate and muscle development
  3. Includes Amaferm, which improves the digestibility of feed, while bolstering overall health.
  4. Enhances eye appeal by promoting freshness and increased hair and skin quality.


Jeff Baldwin, Baldwin Show Cattle, Deanville, Texas
"We feed Sure Champ Cattle on a daily basis starting when we wean calves and put them on feed. Sure Champ makes that transition easier and keeps them on feed. ...Read More
Gavin Sinclair, IN
"Sure Champ® is a great product to keep pigs on feed and healthy when showing week after week in warm weather."
Monika Wallen | Indiana
"While targeting American Royal was my main goal, I fed Sure Champ throughout our hot and humid Indiana summer months to keep our wethers eating, growing and gaining muscle. Our ...Read More
Brad Amthauer, Amthauer Club Lambs, Beaman, Iowa
“We tried the Climate Control Paste last year at Louisville, but the barns there stay at fairly even temperature. Where we really saw results was this summer at some jackpot ...Read More