1. Promotes a healthy appetite on a daily basis and during high stress times.
  2. Strengthens growth rate and muscle development
  3. Includes Amaferm, which improves the digestibility of feed, while bolstering overall health.
  4. Enhances eye appeal by promoting freshness and increased hair and skin quality.

What Our Customers are Saying

Clark Champion
Clark Sisters | Arkansas
"VitaFerm and Sure Champ are a crucial part of our program. From the mineral program for donors to the showstring the "Amaferm Advantage" keeps them eating and gets them to ...Read More
Kane Aegerter
Jeff, Darla and Kane Aegerter | Nebraska
"Sure Champ is a quality product that keeps our cattle on feed whether they are in the show barn or pasture. Since adding Sure Champ to our show ration and ...Read More
Lyrik Loyd | Texas
"Sure Champ® Pig Pellets really make a difference in one that doesn't have much of an appetite. Within two weeks I was doubling weight gains and was able to keep ...Read More
Stu & Josh Dildine, LHR Livestock
Stu & Josh Dildine, LHR Livestock | Texas
"Sometimes things come along in the livestock show business that just work. That's the way we feel about Sure Champ® and Vita Charge®. They definitely increased appetite in both our ...Read More
National Champion Percentage Boar Goat Herd Tyler Peterson Ronsal Family farm
Ronsal Family Farm | Pennsylvania
"We always give our goats Vita Charge daily for the week leading up to and during the show. We rely heavily on Vita Charge during show season. We truly believe ...Read More
Alex Prickett | Texas
"Since we started using Sure Champ® we have noticed a big improvement in the does staying on feed when we haul them. As well as it has really helped those ...Read More
Cathy Rains |Texas
Cathy Rains | Texas
"We are huge fans of Amaferm® Digest More pellets and start feeding it to the new lambs as soon as they are brought in. The Texas heat is brutal in ...Read More
Final Frontier Farm |Kentucky
Final Frontier Farm | Kentucky
"We decided to use Sure Champ on a couple of lambs that had survived a coyote attack. Because of the stress and massive antibiotics foreskin puncture wounds the lambs were ...Read More