What Our Customers are Saying

Brad Amthauer, Amthauer Club Lambs, Beaman, Iowa
“We tried the Climate Control Paste last year at Louisville, but the barns there stay at fairly even temperature. Where we really saw results was this summer at some jackpot ...Read More
Jarrett Baldwin | Georgia
Sure Champ® and Vita Charge® have made a huge impact on our feeding regimen. They are both amazing products, especially when your livestock are stressed and don’t want to eat. ...Read More
Maggie Madden | California
“At home, I know that we can depend on Sure Champ to keep our show lambs healthy and excited to eat. Since adding Vita Charge to our show day routine, ...Read More
Sarah Moore | Illinois
“I started feeding my sheep Sure Champ two years ago and love the results. It keeps their appetite steady and consistent, gives their wool a shine and fresh appearance, has ...Read More
Cathy Rains | Texas
"We are huge fans of Amaferm® Digest More pellets and start feeding it to the new lambs as soon as they are brought in. The Texas heat is brutal in ...Read More
Final Frontier Farm | Kentucky
"We decided to use Sure Champ on a couple of lambs that had survived a coyote attack. Because of the stress and massive antibiotics foreskin puncture wounds the lambs were ...Read More
Audrey & Jeff Neal | Ohio
"We were extremely pleased with the consistent results that we found with the VitaFerm® products when fed to our string of lambs. Each lamb responded by having an increase in ...Read More