10 Ideas for Using Your Livestock in Senior Photos

10 Ideas for Using Livestock in Senior Photos

Fall means not only is show season firing up again, but you’ve entered your last year of high school. Your livestock have played an important part in shaping who you are. Be sure to snap a few pictures with them to celebrate senior year and the #stockshowlife.

Sure Champ Senior Photos: Baby Show Pig
1. Market shows over? Is the barn close to empty? You can still represent the species you love by including the future members of the show string.

Sure Champ Senior Photos: Belt Buckles
2. You’re passionate about the show ring but think about how you can bring in other parts of your personality.

Sure Champ Senior Photo Ideas: Show Lamb
3. A good fence line gives you the perfect place to display your buckles.

Sure Champ Senior Photo Ideas: Show Pig
4. Doorways are the openings to new opportunities. Use the door of your show barn to frame you and your livestock.

Sure Champ Senior Photos: Showbarn
5. Why not bring a cool piece of furniture into the barn for a unique look?

Sure Champ Senior Photos: Show Pig
6. To get these golden tones you’ll need to have your photos take during the “Golden Hour.” Ask your potential photographers about this before you decide who your choice will be.

Sure Champ Senior Photos: Banners
7. Dad or mom might not be super excited about rusty chutes, gates or machinery but they add extra color and interest to your photos.

Sure Champ Senior Photos: Show Lambs
8. Borrow the tractor and get those banners hung up high, then grab your favorite show animals and start posing.

Sure Champ Senior Photos: Show Goats
9. You’ve made how many miles with that stock trailer in tow? Use it to display your awards and serve as a backdrop.

Sure Champ Senior Photos: Show Heifer
10. Find a way to bring in a pop of color in to your photos. Also, if you think there may need to be some Photoshop work to remove a halter make sure you talk to your photographer before hand.

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