4 Tips for Starting a Successful Cattle Project


Just getting your next cattle project home? Ready to have your best show year ever? We all know that every day matters when you’re trying to take home that champion banner. From day one, cattle need the right kind of care and nutrition. Here are four integral tips that will make the transition from breeder to your home much easier – on the calf and you!


– ask the seller about the worming and vaccination protocol that the calf has received

– discuss with them the need for a booster for respiratory vaccine and wormer


– try to get at least a bag of the feed that the seller has them on. Mix with new feed to slowly transition over a week period.

– if feed is not available, start them on a smaller portion of your feed along with plenty of hay

– use Vita Charge Gel, Drench, Stress Tub or Liquid Boost when transitioning to help aid in keeping the digestive track healthy and stay on feed

– then incorporate Sure Champ as a top-dress on your feed to keep your animal’s digestive system healthy and appetite stimulated.


– be consistent in keeping the same schedule

– feed at regular intervals and the same time each day

– make sure you clean any old feed out of the bunk or feed pan as soon as the animal is done eating

– bring cattle in the barn or under fans to keep temperature cool and consistent

– wash with soap no more than a couple times a week while rinsing and conditioning their hair the rest of the week


– start by letting the calf get used to its surroundings

– pen wash the calf without halter to help them calm down

–  initially tie them up for short periods of time and do not leave them unattended. Gradually work them up to a few hours

– if possible always tie them up with other cattle to keep them calm

– do not leave halter on for them to drag

Remember, try to always make each experience positive with your new project – for them and for you! Building trust, good health and a steady schedule with your project will aid your success. Best of luck!

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