Sure Champ® Junior Spotlight: Bevin Bertsche & Ashley Hagen  

ashley hagen and bevin bertsche

This month, we shine the Sure Champ® Junior Spotlight on two young ladies from different regions of the country: Bevin Bertsche and Ashley Hagen! They are at different points in their junior show careers and show different species. However, they share more than a few fundamental similarities.  

Both Bevin Bertsche and Ashley Hagen have the drive and passion to work hard, set goals and give their animals the best nutrition possible with Sure Champ products. They #PreptoWin with Sure Champ powered by AO-Biotics® Amaferm®. They know that to hang that next banner, it takes early mornings, late nights and a desire to put in the extra effort with their animals.

Let’s meet these young ladies and learn what makes them champions! 

Meet Bevin Berstsche

Bevin Bertsche

Bevin Bertsche is 9 years old and lives in Onida, South Dakota. Her parents are Brandon and Sasha Bertsche, and she has an older brother Briggston, 10. She is in third grade at Sully Buttes Grade School in Onida.  

Meet Ashley Hagen 

Ashley Hagen

Hailing from Templeton, California, is 18-year-old Ashley Hagen. She is the daughter of Travis and Carrie Hagen. She attends Cuesta College. 

Learn More About Our Champions

Tell us a little more about yourself. 

BB: I got my start showing through my parents who also showed cattle growing up. My brother and I have been around show cattle since we were born and started showing when we were around 5.  

I also like to play volleyball, basketball and Softball, as well as cheerleading and gymnastics. I’ve also participated in the Snow Queen Contest.  

AH: I grew up in Sacramento, and my family had a ranch in Walnut Grove where we bred sheep. When I was 9, I showed my first lamb at the Sacramento County Fair. My dad wanted to raise us in a town where we could continue to show livestock, and our family moved to Templeton in 2016.My brother, Will, decided he wanted to start showing pigs instead of sheep. I found myself constantly brushing and walking his pigs all the time. I then decided I wanted to start showing pigs too. Ever since then, my passion for showing pigs has grown more and more. 

Outside of showing livestock, I grew up playing sports, specifically soccer. I started playing when I was 4 years old, and I started to play club soccer in fifth grade. I also played all four years of high school. 

What species/breed do you show?  

BB: So far, the only species I’ve shown are cattle, but I really want a goat! I mainly show Charolais and Limousin.  

AH: I show pigs (all breeds), sheep and goats. 

Which Sure Champ Product(s) do you Use? 

BB: I’ve used the VitaFerm® (formerly Vita Charge) Stress Tub, Sure Champ® Liquid Boost®, and a lot of Sure Champ Joint Juice.  

AH: I use the Sure Champ Extreme with ClariFly®, Sure Champ Spark (recently discontinued) and Sure Champ Climate Control Gel with Vita Charge Techology

What are the biggest benefits you have seen using our products?    

BB: The stress tubs are really good for weaning calves. They are also good when I take my show cattle on the road, especially in the summer to really hot shows. The Joint Juice is really good for making sure they stay flexible on the road. 

AH: Sure Champ keeps our animals on feed year round, no matter the change in environment or temperature. Being from the Central Coast, our animals take the haul to places like Kansas City harder than most, but thanks to Sure Champ, you’d never know. It is a staple in our barn, and we use it daily. 

What is your favorite show and why?   

BB: My favorite shows are the South Dakota State Fair, South Dakota Summer Spotlight and Limousin Junior National. I really like all shows because I get to see all my friends that I don’t get to see all the time 

AH: Some of my favorite shows include The Revival, Western Bonanza, and The Exposition. These shows are highly competitive, and I love it when the Grand Drive is turned into a huge production. 

What is your favorite pre-show ritual?   

BB: I always show up with a high bun in my hair, so I guess my favorite pre-show ritual is my mom doing my hair. 

AH: For years, I’ve had the same pre-show ritual. When driving from the hotel to the barns, we listen to the same songs: “All I Do Is Win,” “My House,” and “Another Level.” 

What are your plans for the future?   

BB: In the future, I plan to grow my cow herd and go to college somewhere.  

AH: My future plans include graduating from college and creating a graphic design business. I want to stay within the ag industry, so I hope to take my skills and design logos for breeders, feed companies, etc. 

Who is your biggest role model and why?    

BB: My biggest role model is Sara Sullivan because she always shows good cows and is a really good person to look up to. 

AH: My biggest role model is Shelby Weinrich. She is like the sister I never had. Over the past 4 years of getting to know Shelby, I couldn’t imagine my life without her. She has been there for me through thick and thin, my wins and losses. She is one of my biggest supporters, and I love her more than she knows. 

What are your favorite/greatest accomplishments?   

BB: My greatest accomplishment is either getting Reserve Bred and Owned Heifer at Charolais Junior National or winning Grand Champion Novice Showman at my first Limousin Junior National.  

Besides the showmanship win at Junior National things that stand out from last summer are being named Champion Beginner Showman at the SD Summer Spotlight Show. I also won the Livestock Judging at Limousin Junior National in the novice division. My purebred Limousin heifer also won the points in South Dakota last summer and was Champion AOB at my first South Dakota State Fair 4-H show. 

AH: There are a few accomplishments of mine that I’m so grateful for. Among them: Supreme Champion at Western Bonanza, Supreme Champion at Revival, and Supreme Champion at State Fair (Market Barrow in 2022 and Breeding Gilts 2023). Of course, one of the best is winning the gilt show at the American Royal (my first major win). 

#PreptoWin Like Bevin Bertsche and Ashley Hagen  

Bevin Bertsche and Ashley Hagen might live half the country away—one is in her early show career and one is about to wrap hers up—but they share a love for competition. Perhaps even more important, they share a love for their animals. And, of course, they both know how to #PreptoWin.  

Bevin and Ashley, from the whole Sure Champ team, we are so proud of your many accomplishments! From winning showmanship in the national arena to junior nationals, state fairs, and majors, these young exhibitors are no strangers to the backdrop!   

We know that young exhibitors like you are exactly what our industry and our world need—hard-working, well-spoken leaders. They also take care of their animals with Sure Champ and VitaFerm products powered by AO-Biotics® Amaferm®, a prebiotic research-proven to enhance digestibility. Since we know that 70% of the immune response starts in the digestive system, keeping that healthy helps keep your animals performing. 

Give your Animals Sure Champ!     

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