gastric ulcers in pigs

The Sure Champ® Guide to Gastric Ulcers in Pigs 

Gastric Ulcers in Pigs There are a few things more frustrating than having your show animal stop eating. One day, your barrow eats everything you feed it in 15 minutes, during both feedings. The next, it turns up its snout and goes and lays in the fresh shavings.   Gastric ulcers in pigs happen when an […]

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healthy pig

How to Ensure a Healthy Pig by Summer Shows 

Healthy Pig Springtime across much of the U.S. is exciting for show pig exhibitors. It marks the pursuit of the next great one. You’ll be visiting breeders, staying up late to see if you “win the bid” during online sales and loading the popper with your new show pig prospect. Spring also brings trials – […]

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Manage Temperature Stress in any Season with Vita Charge® Climate Control

The seasons are changing, and summer’s heat is going away. But that doesn’t mean that heat stress or temperature stress isn’t an issue with show livestock. Manage your show animal’s temperature and keep them feeling and looking their best no matter the season. One simple way to manage heat stress is with Vita Charge® Climate […]

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Joint Juice: A Supplement that Stands Out Against the Competition

For livestock exhibitors there are a plethora of options that exist when it comes to supplements. Choices are plentiful for skin and hair health, digestive health, adding fill, taking away belly, supporting bone and joint health and more. There is one supplement that will help you stand out against the competition, and it should be […]

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Give your Show Livestock an Added Boost

Showing livestock is thrilling yet challenging. It’s a game of high rewards and even higher risks. Exhibitors and their families put in countless hours feeding, exercising, rinsing, working hair and skin, often sacrificing their own meal times and routines to ensure their livestock are dialed in for the next show or event. One thing livestock […]

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Five Tips to Beat the Heat this Summer

The days are getting longer, and the sun is finally showing up, meaning temperatures are slowly rising. Youth are counting down the days until school’s out, and that can only mean one thing – summer show season will soon be here!   Summer shows give the exhibitor the opportunity to showcase all their efforts, but that […]

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