Decorating Your Dorm #StockShowLife Style

By, Kaitlyn Craft, Owner of Farmhouse Market

Moving away from home for your first time can be very overwhelming! One of the many decisions you have to make is how to decorate your new place you will be living, which many times are small dorms or apartments. With small spaces, organization and creative storage is absolutely key. Many people feel that because the new space is small and confined there isn’t room to decorate. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many ways you can make your new space feel warm and cozy!

If you are living in a small bedroom or dorm your bed will be the focus of the decor. Therefore, picking bedding is very important. I would pick something with a neutral base and add layers with throws and pillows for different colors and textures. This will allow you to change things up when you are bored with a current look. My college years were the years I really discovered my style. So starting with a neutral base will allow you to grow and change with your style.

Items that can double as function and decor are a great way to accomplish decorating your space. You can use cute rustic or vintage pieces that can store different items or be used as a trash can. Using a mason jar for a pencil holder, or an olive bucket as a trashcan, will add so much to your space!

Whatever theme and/or color palette you decide to go with, it should be used through out your space. Many times apartments and dorms can be very cold and uninviting. Bring color and warmth in through your decorative pieces and add multiple lamps to create that “homey” feel. Being simple with your decorations and not over doing it with lots of little items will also be very effective.

Most of all make your space reflect yourself. Have fun decorating your first space that is all yours and choose pieces that are classic and tell your story!


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