How Do Your Use Your Show Pig Whip?

How to Use Your Show Pig Whip?
There is no doubt that showmanship can make or break your success in the show ring. One of the main principles of showing well is how and where to use your whip on your show pig. It is important that you focus on these four key points:

1. Keep a firm grip!

It is important to keep a firm grip on your whip. Use your index finger and thumb to apply pressure. Never hold your whip like a pencil.

Hold Do Your Hold Your Pig Whip

2. The “Go Button” is on the side.

Judges like to see your pig move at a good steady pace, so it is important to know how to make your pig move. To ask your pig to walk you need to find the go button, which is between their shoulder and flank. Never hit your pig on the butt, hocks or head to get them to ask them to move. The go button is on the side.

3. Use the guidance system to turn.

To get your pig to turn you want to tap on the opposite side that you are asking them to move. Tap on the on the right side of the head to go left, and the left side to go right.

4. Head Up!

Finally, to maximize your pigs presence in the show ring you will want them to keep their head up. Use the quick of your whip underneath their chin to get their head up. All pigs will respond different, and practice makes perfect.

Watch as Josh Brockman and our Make Your Own Luck showman demonstrate how to your show pig whip.

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