How to Halter Your Show Calf

How to Halter Your Show Calf

Your calf’s halter is like a steering wheel. It is a vital tool for both showing your calf and working with it every day. A properly positioned halter will allow you to safely and efficiently work with you calf. Use these tips to make haltering your show calf simple.

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Pick the right kind of halter

You want to pick a halter that is specifically for cattle. Stay away from horse halters. For daily use pick a rope halter made of rope that is a 1/2 inch in diameter. When it is time to head to the show ring there are many different show halters to choose from. As long as it says it is for cattle they are mostly a matter of preference. Try to pick a color that compliments the color of your heifer or steer’s hair – black for a black calf, brown for a red, white or tan calf.

Proper halter placement is key

When you place the halter on your calf make sure the lead is on the left side of your calf’s face. Also, the nose band should be 1-2 inches below the calf’s eye. At the same time make sure that it is not too low otherwise it will be harder to control your calf.

Don’t leave the halter on for too long

Leaving the halter on your calf for long periods of time can cause irritation. Make sure you take the halter off your animal when you are done working with them or you turn them out at night.

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