How to Rinse Your Calf

How to Rinse Your Show Calf
Working to ensure your calf as healthy skin and hair will make your animal appear fresher and make fitting your calf easier, helping you get ahead of the competition on show day. To accomplish this goal I suggest rinsing your calf daily. We refer to rinsing as the act of getting your calf wet and clean but without the use of soap or shampoo. Rinsing your calf may seem like a simple task but when done correctly it encourages hair growth, helps train the hair and makes all the difference in your calf’s appearance. You can rinse like a pro if you follow these four steps!

  1. Blow all the dirt out

Getting rid of excess dirt and dust before rinsing will ensure you get your calf as clean as possible and will make rinsing easier. Before you start to get your calf wet, be sure to blow the calf off getting rid of any dust, dirt or shavings that may be in your calf’s hair.

  1. Rinse from rear forward

Tips on Rinising Your CalfRinsing your calf in the proper direction encourages the hair to begin working the way you want, making brushing and drying much easier. Wet your calf starting at the back and working your way forward. I like to start by pointing the water at the top of the animal in a forward motion near the animals tail head and hip; continue working your way down and forward until the entire calf is wet.

  1. Get low

The skin and hair on your calf’s leg and belly are the dirtiest spots but they are also critical to your calf’s appearance. Meaning these area require extra special attention though out the process or rinsing and working hair. Anytime you are working on your calf’s legs or belly you need to move slow and be careful to ensure you font get kicked or stepped on. Get low and rinse up underneath your entire calf to ensure they are clean everywhere.

  1. Avoid getting water in the ears

When you think you’re finished rinsing your calf be sure to check that you got all of your calf, including its head. When rinsing your calf’s head, be sure to avoid getting water in its ears. It can be helpful to hold the ear with your hand to ensure water doesn’t accidentally splash into it’s ear.

Rinsing your calf is a simple process, but it is critical for encouraging hair growth and ensuring clean healthy skin, that will make you stand our from the rest.

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