How to Use Sure Champ Bags as Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Christmas gifts can be tough as it is, but odd-shaped gifts can really throw you off. We’re here to help you tackle this holiday challenge, plus add a little stock show flair under your tree by use Sure Champ bags as wrapping paper. Check out this video, plus our step-by-step instructions below:

Step 1 copy
STEP 1: You’ll need a couple Sure Champ bags, scissors and packing tape. It’s helpful to use packing tape since the bags are thicker than regular wrapping paper.

Step 2 copy
STEP 2: Cut your Sure Champ Bag to make sure that it fits your gift. For larger gifts, cut the bag down one of the sides and use the entire width. For smaller gifts, cut the bag in half again and just use one side. Then, make sure that once you cut it, it completely covers the gift once you fold each side up.

Step 3 copy
STEP 3: Fold in each side of the bag into the middle, and make sure to create a little overlap in the middle. Add tape up the center of your fold line. You only need a few pieces.

Step 4 copy
STEP 4: Fold the bottom of you bag up to the center, but make sure to keep it wide enough to fit the item your wrapping. Make sure not to fold too much paper, or else you won’t be able to complete the next step.

Step 5 copy
STEP 5: Fold the base back, open it and fold down to create a triangle on each side, which will create a diamond shape. This will be the base to set your present in.

Step 6 copy
STEP 6: Then, fold the top and bottom points into the center, and tape the pieces down.

Step 7 copy
STEP 7: Open your bag up from the top, fluff it, and place your item inside. Fold down the top. For larger items, you can tape the sides at this step.

Step 8 copy
STEP 8: For smaller items, fold down the top to a few inches above the top of your and create a crease. Cut the excessive paper off, and then fold down the top and tape the sides. Add a bow or champion ribbon. Ta-da, you now have a beautifully wrapped Christmas present in a customized Sure Champ gift bag!

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