Increase Digestive Health and Nutrient Absorption with Spark®

Chances are, you’ve heard someone say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And that is sound advice. However, if you can enhance a product you already use and increase its effectiveness that creates a win for everyone.

Show feed is just like any other product. Everyone has a favorite brand, and a mix or ration they are loyal to. And whichever show feed you choose to use is great. However, you can improve the nutritional value of your feed while increasing the nutrients absorbed from your ration by adding Sure Champ® Spark® to your animals’ diets while improving their digestive health.

Using Spark can be very beneficial to maximize the available nutrients in the show feed ration as well as any supplements you are currently feeding.

Spark is a pelleted, concentrated daily supplement that contains Amaferm® and can be top-dressed or mixed in with your ration. Amaferm is a natural prebiotic designed to maximize the nutritional value of feed. It is research-proven to increase water and feed intake, and has been proven to increase absorption up to 33% which will increase the effectiveness and maximize the response you see out of your feeding program. Research shows that Amaferm decreases body temperature in heat-stressed animals.

In addition to Amaferm, Spark also contains MOS to trap bad bacteria, limiting their ability to do harm to digestive health and intake. Other key ingredients include biotin and zinc, which help with hoof, hair and hide health and appearance.

“This product is formulated to be beneficial for people using show feeds that are balanced and meet or exceed nutrient requirements as Spark will not interfere with those existing vitamins and minerals in the feed,” said Blaine Rodgers, Show Livestock Business Development & Field Support for BioZyme. “The purpose of Spark is purely nutrient absorption and digestive health, so it doesn’t contain additional vitamins and minerals. In addition to increasing the overall absorption of nutrients, Spark helps increase your animals’ appetite and keeps them on feed.”

A primary benefit of Spark is that it is formulated for all species so it can be used with every animal in your barn. Another advantage of this multi-species supplement is that is has a lower feeding rate, making it ideal for smaller animals like sheep, goats and hogs. Because of the lower feeding rate, it doesn’t take up as much of the ration, leaving more room in the diet for other feedstuffs.

According to Rodgers, Spark is one supplement that is advantageous to use from day one through the end of your project since it aids in health and absorption. If you want to feed it just toward the end of your project, he suggests adding it to the diets of smaller animals at least the last 30-60 days and for at least 120 days in cattle.

You’ve invested time and money in your livestock projects and their feeding program. Be sure to maximize their nutrient absorption and maintain their digestive health with Sure Champ Spark.

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