January Best of the Web

Each month we get so many awesome photos from our customers we wanted to make sure you had the opportunity to see them too.

“Thought this was a great picture to share with y’all! My husband, William, and I use your products in our Simmental cattle operation daily. We went through a lot to be able to become pregnant and we finally made it! Thought it was pretty neat that he welcomed our precious son Gavin into this crazy world on 11/30/13 wearing a Sure Champ shirt!” – Christine Palmer. Thanks Christine and we can’t wait to see Gavin in a Sure Champ T-shirt one day.

“Little #vitaferm does a body good. #conceptaid #agchat” – Jeannie Doughty, MO. Thanks Jeannie for sending in the picture. Now is the perfect time to get your spring calving cows on Concept-Aid mineral. “Big papa with his girls! @sallyruthyon @laurengrimes10 #NWSS14 #largerthanlife #heisfamous #vitaferm #conceptaid” – Lindsey and Lauren Grimes, OH. The Grimes girls had to stop and pose for a picture of their dad, John Grimes, in Denver for the National Western Stock Show. The Grime family runs Maplecrest Farms and have been longtime VitaFerm and Sure Champ users. “Guarding her Vita Charge this morning.” – Cheyanne Nicole Bowmann, IN. Nothing cuter than a puppy dog that know the importance of Vita Charge for stimulating appetite.Thanks to everyone that tweet, tagged or sent in pictures this month. Email your pictures to champ@biozymeinc.com and you could be featured on our Sure Champ Facebook page, Instagram account or this blog.

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