Jr. Spotlight: Vivienne Hasenbeck


Vivienne Hasenbeck is an impressive, young lady with an extensive resume and big dreams. She is a senior at Elgin High School and is currently running for State FFA Officer in Oklahoma and preparing for a new adventure as a freshman at Oklahoma State University. Thanks to encouragement from her Grandma Jo, Vivienne has developed a passion for music and has been a member of the State FFA Chorus for the past three years.

When listening to her talk with such passion about her involvement in FFA, music and showing livestock it is obvious that there is one thing that has positively impacted her decisions in all of these areas; her family.

Vivienne’s first show animal was a show heifer from the first embryo transfer that her father, a vet, ever performed. She was 4 years old at the time and from that point on was hooked! Vivienne loves the show ring, but her favorite part of raising livestock is placing a good-quality animal with a good disposition in the hands of the first year showman. The bond between a novice showman and that very first animal is what she feels keeps exhibitors coming back. Additionally, being able to offer donor-quality females to showmen who can then utilize those genetics within their herds is always an accomplishment in Vivienne’s eyes.

When asked who has had the greatest impact on her life, it turns out this person is someone Vivienne really never had the opportunity to know; her grandpa Bill. Her grandfather was an ag teacher for 30 years and very involved in the youth programs in Oklahoma. Through her involvement in FFA, she has connected with numerous people that recognized the last name on the back of her blue and gold corduroy jacket. Vivienne says, “They would see my name and immediately felt the need to share stories about how Grandpa Bill influenced their life. It was through those stories I have been able to get to know him and his legacy.”

In honor of her grandfather, Vivienne started the herdsmanship contest at the Oklahoma Youth Expo. For the past few years, she has worked to organize and raise money for this contest that encourages cleanliness and animal husbandry. The involvement has grown and it fills her with pride to see the impact it has had and that the youth who attend the show are beginning to put more effort in to animal husbandry.

When Vivienne attends OSU in the fall, she will be there on a scholarship as part of the Blue Jackets to White Coats program. This new program encourages FFA members to become doctors and then take their skills back to rural areas. Vivienne is very excited about this program and what the future holds for her. Her heart belongs to rural life and she wants to raise her family in an agricultural lifestyle. Becoming a doctor that caters to this area will not only allow her to live that dream, but give her the opportunity to give back to the agriculture community she loves by providing good health care in places that have a shortage of doctors.


Quick Facts About Vivienne

Biggest Win: Overall Beef Showmanship at 2015 OYE. This win was important because it was all about HER ability in the ring and how hard she worked.

Best Barn Memory: Practicing a song and dance routine while drying her show cattle. She was singing out loud with her ear buds in and a family friend came up behind her and scared her.

Least Favorite Barn Task: Cleaning the cool room. Every few days she has to blow out the filters and cedar fibers get in her clothes and hair.

Favorite Quote or Advice: Surround yourself with people who are better than you at things. If you want to be better at leadership, surround yourself with great leaders.

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