Junior Spotlight: Dallas Richey and Macy Jacobson

We got lucky with a pair of 13 years old for this month’s Junior Spotlight! Dallas Richey from La Porte, Indiana and Macy Jacobson from Osceola, Iowa were both involved in the livestock industry at a young age. We are honored to have them featured as this month’s Junior Spotlight! 

Miss Dallas has been showing cattle since she was just 6 years old; however, she would say her passion began much earlier than that since her dad has been selling show cattle since she was born. Dallas is a cattle girl at heart and has shown many, many breeds. Her favorites would be Shorthorns, Charolais Composites, Maine-Anjou, Maine-Angus, and of course Crossbred steers. Whether she is on the basketball court or in the show ring, Dallas is known to always have her game face on. One of her biggest honors was achieved recently as Dallas was named the Overall National Cattle Champion for the Beyond the Ring Junior Livestock Association. We are so excited to be able to feature Dallas this month! 

Macy is no stranger to the livestock industry. She has attended and shown at many local, state and national shows ever since she was a little girl, which is where she got her passion for the livestock industry. She may have a whip or show stick in hand, but it is guaranteed she will be working hard in the ring. Though she shows both cattle and pigs, she has a special place for Chester Whites because each specific animal has made a huge impact on Macy’s life. From ring to ring, Macy is known for her showmanship abilities. She is an excellent competitor and sees the value of this industry both in and out of the ring. We are thrilled to have Macy as a Junior Spotlight this month! 

Dallas and Macy give some insight into their feeding programs, biggest role models and favorite shows! Check it out below. 

What is your favorite show? 

Dallas: “This one is tough. I love the atmosphere in Louisville and that’s where we see most of our friends from other states. But I also love Denver because it has a lot of history and means a lot to my family. I think my favorites might be Junior Nationals though. They are always so much fun and there is so much going on.” 

Macy: “I would have to say my favorite show I attend is the Iowa State Fair because I have made many memories both in and out of the ring.” 

What Sure Champ® and Vita Charge® products do you use? 

Dallas: “We use the orange stress tubs (Vita Charge Stress Tubs) year-round, and we use the blue stress tubs (Vita Charge Stress Tubs HEAT®) during the summer. Those things get pretty heavy once you’ve carried 4 or 5 across the lots. We also use Liquid Boost, Climate Control Gel, Clench Gel…pretty much everything!” 

Macy: “We use many Sure Champ and Vita Charge products including the Sure Champ Cattle, Vita Charge Liquid Boost, Vita Charge Climate Control Gel and Vita Charge Gel.” 

What are the biggest benefits you have seen using our products? 

Dallas: “My animals seem to always stay on feed. We also like the heat products in summer.”  

Macy: “The biggest benefits I have seen in my animals when using these products would have to be a control in gut health, an increase in water intake, and an increase in the animal’s overall health.” 

Who is your biggest role model? 

Dallas: “I would say that my overall role model for the cattle industry would be my dad, Shane Richey. My showmanship role model will always be Whitney Walker. I love Tim Clark because he gives me great advice, and his food is delicious. 

Macy: “My biggest role model is my brother Drew. He has always pushed me to be the best I can be and continues to do it every day. The memories that we have made in the barn and in the ring together will forever be in my heart.” 

These two showmen are talented, hardworking and certainly passionate about the livestock industry. We know that both girls will continue to be a force to be reckoned with as they continue their show careers.