#LivestockLuck…Superstitions for Success


It is not every week that you have the luck of the Irish on your side! We asked our followers and customers to share some of their stock show superstitions that help give them that littler extra luck all year long, and here is what you said:

Karson Osborn, Oklahoma


Chancee Clark, Oklahoma

Cecilia Nave Stewart, Oklahoma
Do not bring your camera! That’s when you win and then remember you forgot it! You bring it and seems you don’t need it! ha!

Krista Manzi, Texas
Can’t remove the dry cleaning tag and if you win a buckle you have to wait 24 hours before you can wear it!!

Toni Young-Hasenbeck, Oklahoma
You must always stay at the same hotel and eat the same pre show meal at the same restaurant.

Annastasia Brothman, New York
Only bring your most positive friends.

Tori Jernigan, Texas
The day before check in split a nachos and sweet tea from DQ and talk about anything but the show.

Joel Mariacher, Pennsylvania
Hope it’s not T.M.I. I always wear Blue underwear, for 1st place.

Pam Cooper
Never change anything at the show!

My son has a pair of lucky show socks. They are bright orange. Also luck is the smallest piece of the pie. We also pray before the enter the ring at each show. If we are blessed to go back in champion drive we say another pray to thank the Lord for the opportunity.

Elisa Allen
Each goat in my showstring has to have its own show chain. I never use the same one on multiple goats.

Karlee Kay Devoe
Mine is my lucky show shirt! But like @mburks73 said luck is the smallest part, every show day I thank the lord for even letting me be able to show cattle, and at the end of every show I thank him for opportunity to even be at the show!

I use the same halter.

Kim Hodges
Double yokers (eggs) before a show!

Well, I don’t know if it’s superstitious or just common sense but, we ALWAYS wash our show lambs after we show. I’ve never missed a show due to club lamb fungus 🙂

Paige Hovey
An old hair tie that was passed down from a former showman, always worn on my belt, if it breaks so does the luck.

Maria R Rogers
Any pig we’ve had with ear tag #26 was super successful. It’s our lucky number!

Courtney Newman
I always wear my lucky pair of jeans on show day.

I always listen to the same song by White Zombie, it’s my pump up.

Cade Boxwell
Never wearing the same show shirt twice in one show season.

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