Mark That Card: Angus Heifer Results

Thank you to the J&J Cattle for providing the class and to Blake Bloomberg of Oklahoma State University and the 2017 National Champion Sr. College Livestock Judging Team for providing the official placings and reasons. To view more livestock judging classes click here.

Placing: 1-3-2-4
Cuts: 2-5-3

1324 is how I like the Angus heifers. There’s a tremendous amount of cow power in the 1 heifer that I lead off. Not only is she massive and maternal bodied and powerful from behind, but for one with her added dimension and volume, she still handles it with the most flexibility and comfort at the ground when set into motion. Now when she stops, 3 gives you a look that is hard to beat. The stouter featured heifer ties her neck in higher at the top of her shoulder yet from there she gets flatter in her for rib and wants to drop in her loin in motion.

Even so, I never considered splitting that pair up. There’s just more unique pieces in the stoutness and power of the bigger bodied 3 heifer and I keep her over 2. Now I’m not saying 2 won’t offer utility as a cow. That ones moderate and sound structured. Unfortunately, she just can’t bridge the gap of body, power and dimension to my top pair and is a bit excessive in the set to her hind leg.

Yet that added set won’t hinder her ability to be a good cow, and on bottom she’s the softer bodied female who’s more correct in the angle of her shoulder and more flexible or of her hip and hind leg. Sure 4 is really feminine and offers you some length and extension. But unfortunately, the flat haired, coarse jointed heifer is the hardest bodied and the straightest off both ends, so I left her fourth. 

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