Mark that Card: Angus Heifers

Thank you Kansas State Livestock Judging Team for providing placings and officials for this class.

Placing:  1-2-3-4
Cuts: 4-3-2

1-2-3-4 is my ranking of the Angus Heifer Calves.  1’s blend of brood cow function, quality and performance establishes her as my winner.  Compared to 2, she’s more refined at the topside of her neck, lays in smoother to the base of her shoulder and draws back with a more maternal sweep to her rib.  She’s got elite, show ring caliber presence.  But more critically, the bigger bodied heifer has the look of a versatile, low maintenance cow that can offer tremendous production value.  Now, even in a photo you can appreciate the upheaded, striking 2’s class leading shape.  With time, I think the greener conditioned heifer can give my winner a run.  Today, she’s just not as far along and accordingly, the rounder shouldered heifer could use a shot more body.

However, amongst a difficult remaining trio, 2’s structural quality and power leaves me comfortable saying she’s got the most future.  The bolder ribbed, wider pinned alternative remains longer and more nearly level in her hip.  More importantly, she steps down squarer with more stability from behind on a stouter bone and foot.  On the other hand, the soft haired 3 is more feminine up front and deeper flanked.  Study from her hip forward and you can sure consider a switch.  Unfortunately, from there back the flatter made heifer hocks in on a frailer hindleg.

Nonetheless, female quality gets the neater fronted, cleaner chested 3 the nod in a contrasting bottom.  Sure, length and muscle shape favor 4.  Unfortunately, in a line-up this deep, a combination of little things start adding up.  The bigger shouldered, deeper chested heifer reads a touch soft in her topline and coarse in her hock.  So, I opted to keep an awfully good one in 4th.

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