Mark That Card: Angus Heifers

Thank you to Jessica Judge, new Sure Champ intern and National Champion Livestock Judging Team member at Oklahoma State University, for providing the officials and reasons for this class.

Placing: 1-4-2-3
Cuts: 3-4-2


I like the Angus Heifers 1423. One look from the side and 1’s got the most intriguing pieces to tie to. Not only is she overwhelming in terms of body, volume and power, but to be so massive, it’s awfully unique she remains so fresh and attractive up front, with all the added foot and bone to make her the outlier amongst her contemporaries. However, it’s when set into motion that 4 starts to gain some ground. She reads a bit more correct in her angles and her extra flex and reach off her rear two only amplifies her maternal look I like. Unfortunately, she just doesn’t feature the same extras from the side and needs a shot more stoutness and power to make a play to win.

Regardless, they’ve got to be good cows first and I prefer her look of maternal function over 2 in the middle. She’s equipped with all the intangibles of being softer bodied, bolder sprung and more powerfully constructed, all the while setting down on a flexible set of feet and legs built for longevity. Now down the road, I think the pair could get closer because 2’s got some neat pieces. The white flanked heifer is fresher and more feminine up front and I like that she’s a bit greener in terms of her condition. But this may actually work to her disadvantage, highlighting the fact she’s just too shallow and hard bodied at this stage in the game and needs to be set back a touch in the angle to her shoulder and knee.

Yet, I know body and power will come with time, and on bottom, quality still lies in her favor. I like her freshness, stoutness of feature and more dynamic look to slide over 3. Certainly, 3 is going to offer immense utility as a brood cow. The short-switched female is the bigger bodied more powerfully constructed option who should mature to an easier keeping kind. But in a set of this caliber, the frail constructed heifers added condition and plain look is the quickest to be outclassed from the side, leaving her fourth.




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