Mark That Card: Charolais Bulls

Thank you Black Hawk Livestock judging team for providing placings and officials for this class.

Placing: 4-1-2-3
Cuts: 3-4-5

I’ll sort the Charolais Bulls 4123. Whether this operation intends to capitalize off of making lucrative herd sires or competitive show heifers that 4 bulls an awfully nice place to start. Not only is the deep-sided bull the most dynamic from the side, but what really gets me fired up is that the deep-sided bulls angles are built for long term use. No doubt, 1’s overwhelming advantages in natural spread and shape are hard to look past. But here’s where a collection of little things come into play, the coarser shouldered shorter necked bull’s too ordinary in his front end assembly.

But bottom line, when that bull is sent out to production I’d expect him to stamp his progeny with the same durability and stoutness which makes the middle an easy 1,2 mark. Now that’s not to say 2’s bold ribbed square made look doesn’t ultimately represent the right kind of cattle. It’s just unfortunate the shorter bodied more moderated bull is without question the straightest in his shoulder.

Regardless there’s still a separation of quality that sorts them for me on bottom. I’m convinced the stouter made taller shouldered bull should capture more longevity as a herd sire. Now I like the fact that 3’s so bold and mellow from heart to flank, but simply put, the frailer featured straighter hocked bull is the plainest in his makeup.

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