Mark that Card: Charolais heifers

Thank you Butler Community College Livestock Judging Team for providing placings and officials for this class.

Placing: 3-4-1-2
Cuts: 2-5-3

I like the Charolais heifer calves 3-4-1-2. Elite quality is evident amongst the top pair of heifers, still I prefer 3 to sort past 4. The up headed heifer’s head shape, length and extension up front paired with such a stout, correct and attractive rear leg all give her an incredible look from the side. However, it’s not often that one with her impeccable look from the profile can still blend together with the kind of shape and natural dimension that she offers from behind. But that’s not to take away from 4- that’s a high quality, massive heifer that’s even deeper hearted and bigger bodied. Comparatively, the split eared heifer isn’t as unique in the stoutness and set of her rear leg as my impressive pick to win and runs downhill just a bit. She’s a close second.

Still, the divide of sheer quality lies in the middle pair where 4 needs to sort over 1. Particularly, 4’s smoother in her shoulder and joints and reads more correct out of her hip and in her tail head. No doubt, 1’s got some substance to her; she’s stout boned, bold ribbed and dimensional. Yet, unlike the two ahead of her, this one’s power comes in a typically coarser and rounder package. The moderate, stout heifer stays 3rd.

Still, I chose to sort her past 2 down low. She’s the more powerfully constructed heifer that’s bolder and more practical in the look to her rib and body. Yet, give them time and I think the late maturing 2 heifer’s extra length, smoothness and flexibility could make you think twice on the pair. But today, I left the shallower bodied, flatter made and frailer constructed female in fourth.

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