Mark That Card: Hereford Heifers

Placing: 1-4-2-3
Cuts: 2-5-2

I like the Hereford heifers 1423. The group is quick to sort into two pairs, and amongst the initial duo of high caliber females, I personally like the added look of quality and balance in the 1 heifer to sort over the cow power found in 4.

The lighter red heifer is longer, thinner necked and laid in flatter and smoother about her shoulder. From there I like she draws back to a longer, squarer hip and a more attractive set to her hind leg. It only makes sense that she matches her elite look from the side with extremely correct skeletal angles, lending her ample flexibility. Now if you want to switch the pair in favor of the darker red 4 heifer, I certainly won’t argue. That is a stout, powerful brood cow prospect that read with more genuine dimension and stoutness of foot and bone at the ground. But for me, she just didn’t read near as smooth and proportional from the side. She is bolder and more open about her shoulder, and I would like to see her read longer and leveler out of her hip.

But honestly there’s a clear divide in the middle that shouldn’t be crossed, keeping it 4-2. It’s the intangibles of cow power, balance, functionality and structure that put breeding versatility in favor of 4. No doubt 2 has some unique pieces. She’s an up headed heifer who’s got some length, extension and stoutness of bone at the ground. But unfortunately, she just gives up too much rib shape and depth of body to play. Not to mention she’s unquestionably the most upright in terms of the angle to her shoulder and knee.

Yet in a challenging bottom pair of cattle totally different in their type and kind, I’ll look back to her added pieces of look and quality and slide her over 3. I just think she’s the smoother shouldered heifer who is more relaxed in her spine and reads squarer out of her hip. And while she’s not perfect up front, I much prefer her hip and hind leg assembly when the cattle are at the stand. But it is close, and there’s no question 3 is the more moderate, bolder bodied female who reads with tons of dimension from behind and sets down on a big foot. Unfortunately for me, she falls out as the poorest built, poorest balanced female who runs downhill and needs to be modified in her hip and hind leg construction, so she’s fourth.

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