Mark That Card – Hereford Heifers

Thanks, Tyler Bush, High Individual in Louisville National Judging Contest, for the officials and reasons.

Placing: 3-1-4-2
Cuts: 5-3-4

I like the Hereford Heifers 3142. To be blunt, that long sided, level made 3’s maternal rib shape and undeniable balance from the side makes it easy on top. Because, the big footed, heavy structured females clean joint work and square design not only allows her to be the best now. But, I’d project her soft made, loose built kind to be the most competitive in the hands of any junior exhibitor. No doubt, there’s a brood cow to be found in that bold sprung and big hipped 1. It’s just too bad, the shorter necked, bolder shouldered heifer doesn’t come with the same extension and presence up front.

Still, I’ll rest my faith in the better bodied, low maintenance kind, the power heifer in 1 represents in middle. Because, with that extra substance and natural dimension I love her future cow utility and do-ability come production. Now, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love the clean throat, neat chest of the higher tying 4. But, big picture the tighter hearted, flatter fore-ribbed female just needs more when you catch her going away.

Yet, she actually holds the performance advantage on bottom and when stopped and on the profile, I’ll favor the up-headed look and rear leg design of the dark red 4. For what it’s worth, 2’s softer about her center rib and sets down more natural in her tailhead. It’s just today the greener, more immature female’s the frailer footed, lighter muscled heifer that just doesn’t fit.

Thank you

Check out Tyler’s recorded set here!

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