Mark That Card: Hereford Heifers

Thank you Jensen Bros. Herefords of Courtland, KS for providing the class and Huncovsky Marketing for the photos.

Placing 2-4-1-3

Cuts 4-2-2

2413 is my ranking of the Hereford heifer calves. There’s no shortage of structural quality in this set, but 2’s elite balanced look and overwhelming stoutness and performance makes her the frontrunner. 2 draws back the most maternal ribbed and comes with extra length giving her the upper hand from the profile. Plus, ask them to go and 2 operates the squarest hocked and softest pasterned on the biggest foundation. I’ll bet she’ll set the bar high in the show ring and production. It doesn’t take long for 4’s hard to make pieces to hit you. She’s the up headed, clean necked, and tight chested heifer, who’s uniquely bold body and stout pinned. But the younger heifer just needs more depth to complete her look from the side.

But, come back a year from now and her unique look and soft joint work should set her a part in the Hereford division and I’ll mark 4/1 in the middle. Specifically, 4 is longer necked and more laid back in the angle of her shoulder, making her the neater profiling alternative. Now 1’s bold body shape and tight chest floor makes the middle close. Plus, she works off a stouter, squarer rear leg. I think she’s got a chance in the long haul but today the other April comes to us shorter necked and lower fronted.

Regardless, in a final pair of big bodied, high quality heifers it’s on the standstill I give the edge to the cleaner fronted 1 heifer over 3. Plus, 1 uniquely opens up bolder bodied and spreads more natural dimension from behind. No question, 3’s feet and leg structure rivals all the heifers in this group. Plus, get her on the profile and 3’s length and levelness of spine make her hard to pass up. But, project them to next summer and her extra skin up front and frail bone work make me mark the flattest bodied heifer 4th.

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