Mark That Card – LimFlex Heifer Calves

Thank you, Connors State College Livestock Judging Team, the recent Champions at Cattlemen’s Congress and The Patriot, for the officials and reasons.

Placing: 4-3-2-1
Cuts: 2-3-5

I like the LimFlex heifer calves 4321. The cattle up top are good but when that stout footed 4 does it with that much volume and look on a sound build she’s the kind that keeps on getting better. Now don’t get me wrong I never questioned the brood cow potential in that soft-sided, sure-footed 3. But the smaller footed, shorter-hipped heifer isn’t as busted open in her fore rib and doesn’t come with the same type of mass and power as the heifer in 1st.

But in the middle her added moderation and bold soft body type always hit me as a low input cow. Now I realize there’s no shortage of quality in 2. She’s a big footed extended heifer that offers a neat look from the side and I could see her being pretty competitive in the show ring. But she’s just doesn’t come as bold or soft in her center body or as maternal in the sweep to her rear flank.

But it’s easy sort on bottom because it’s hard to deny 2’s high quality look from the profile and I’m sure she’ll stay competitive when she belly’s down as a bred. Sure, 1s a sensibly sized and a good built and bodied heifer. But in a class this good, the frail, narrow pinned heifer just lacks the neat pieces and presence to compete, so she’s 4th.

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