Mark that Card: Limousin Heifers

Thank you Eastern Oklahoma State Livestock Judging Team for providing placings and officials for this class.

Placing: 3-2-4-1 
Cuts: 532

I like the Limousin heifers 3241. In a class where quality runs deep, I’m drawn to a pair of white flanked heifers who are more attractive from the side, and yet it’s 3’s unrivaled rib and body that I’m compelled to start with. Specifically, the stoutest boned heifer is the boldest sprung and best bodied, and I favor her more maternal sweep to her heart and flank. Moreover, she’s the heifer whose angles read to be the most correct at the stand and while in motion. No question, 2 captures my attention in regards to her presence, she ties her neck neater and higher into her shoulder, however, she’s a flatter ribbed, frailer boned heifer who narrows up as I step in behind the cattle.

Now I’m left with a remaining trio in which quality is still readily abundant, so I’ll still side with 2’s added feminine quality and balance. The heifer who is more symmetrical in her look is longer about her neck, fresher in her condition, and is more correct in the set to her rear leg. Certainly, 4 strikes me as a moderate, easy keeping female, but I’m hesitant to truly deem her maternal, she’s flatter ribbed, frailer boned, and the plainest fronted of my initial trio.

And while my criticisms may seem harsh, she’s still the more practical kind in my bottom pair. The heifer to the far right is better in the angle to her shoulder, stouter hipped and more comfortable out of her rear leg and hock. Not to take anything away from 1, she is a stouter boned more extended heifer, but like so many with added stoutness and extension, she is the harshest ribbed, narrowest based and flattest ribbed, thus making me question her need for supplemental maintenance long term, so she’s 4th.

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