Mark That Card: Market Goat Class Results

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Market Goat Official Results
Provided by, Coaches John DeClerk and Ryan Rathmann, Texas Tech University

3-4-1-2 Cuts: 2-4-4

I like the market goats 3-4-1-2. There’s a top pair of wethers who offer tradeoffs but I’ll trade power for balance to use 3’s blend of look with enough dimension over 4. Specifically, from profile, 3’s stronger behind his shoulder, leveler out of his hip and plants the more functional and attractive hind leg. For me, he’s more than acceptable for muscle mass. But it’s close. 4’s the widest chested and boldest ribbed. He grabs with the most dimension and shape over his rack, still comes wide and square to his edges, and carries this added mass into his leg and stifle. It’s just from profile where I like him second. He’s weaker behind his shoulder, shorter sided and shorter and rounder hipped. 4 needs to be put together more functional in his hind leg.

Still, the middle is an easy 4 over 1. Both are expressive, but there’s much more to 4. He’s wider, bolder and more dimensional behind his shoulder, I’m confident the blonde headed wether will process the most pounds. Now, the paint wether is still extremely high cutability and expressively muscled. He’s longer sided, the shallowest chested and really youthful in his look from the side, 1 just gives up too much mass. He gets flatter in his forerib, narrower down his top and like the one ahead of him could be leveler hipped and modified in his hind leg set.

However, on bottom I’ll use 1 over 2. He studies with more genuine shape, squaring up with more expression behind his shoulder and carrying it into his leg. Yes, since 2’s longer and leveler hipped and stouter in his bone work he’s certainly more proportional from the side. Unfortunately, he’s the flattest bodied, plainest muscled wether who needs to be wider in his pin set. I left him 4th.


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