Mark That Card: Market Wethers

Thank you Cooper Bounds, Show and Sales Rep at Miller Boer Goats, for providing the officials.
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Placing: 1-3-4-2
Cuts: 2-5-4

​I like the Market Goats 1-3-4-2.  Among the pair of truly elite parrot-mouthed wethers, the more exotic, black-headed wether is simply the hardest to make.  Not only is he the roundest bodied option that feeds the most radical and expressive shape up high, but where that one truly separates himself from his contemporaries is in his ability to combine that overwhelming power with an athletic build and easily the most striking silhouette from the side.  Now, the more conservatively marked 3 wether’s elite status comes from the fact that he’s just so hard to pick apart.  That’s an incredibly wide skeletoned, round bodied goat that’s actually bigger chested and flatter loined than the class winner.  It’s just unfortunate that he doesn’t come equipped with the extra bells and whistles that make the one that precedes him a standout.

​3’s already established completeness is exactly what keeps him over 4 in the middle.  It’s true, the white earred wether props up with a dynamic look from the profile, and he’s actually longer spined and freakier fronted.  However, against the goats that precede him, he’s just comparatively narrower constructed and plainer shaped.

I still prefer the stouter featured, more ruggedly constructed wether in the bottom, where he undoubtedly offers the higher quality look of balance.  Don’t get me wrong, because the roan 2 wether doesn’t sort down due to a lack of topside shape or dimension.  But, amongst his elite contemporary group, he’s just pretty apparently the most fragile about his feature and generic from the side.

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