Mark That Card – Red Angus Heifers

Results provided by Texas A&M Livestock Judging Team

Placing: 3 1 2 4

Cuts 5-2-3

I like the red Angus heifers 3124. It’s fun when you get to sort on cattle as good as 3. She’s got the extra rib, lower body balance and mass it takes to get along in the calf division early, but when the good headed heifer comes with that kind of presence and a set of feet and legs built for the long haul, I bet she’ll be tough to get around as a big bred and make an awesome cow in production. But I do love the fresher-conditioned, cleaner-chested 1 heifers long-term prospects and she’s still moderate and cowy. But she’s also rounder in the shape to her neck, a bit course in her shoulder and just can’t match the same look as my winner.

I actually think it’s closest in the middle, but I’ll always sort females, especially calves, on build and 1’s got the clear advantage. She’s more laid back in her shoulder and knee and the bigger footed, deeper heeled heifer has more cushion at the ground. On the flip side, 2’s got class leading performance and power. She’s a bold sprung wide constructed heifer who appears to have age and maturity working in her favor at this stage of the game. But she’s the most concerning structurally. I wish I could lay the frail structured heifer back in her angles and set her down softer in her rear leg.

Regardless, there’s just more of her on bottom so I go 2-4. Plus the heifer that’s neater about her head neck and chest has more unique pieces to breed around. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m always a big fan of replacements that are moderate and functionally structured like 4. But in this class, the heifer with extra set to her back leg is the narrowest constructed and just gets outclassed.

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