Mark that Card: Show Heifers

Thank you to Brandon Callis, Redlands Community College Livestock Judging Coach, for providing the official placings and reasons for this class of heifers. To view more livestock judging classes click here.

I placed the class of heifers 2-4-1-3. Finding a high quality top pair in which I prefer the added style and look of 2 over 2. 2 is the most elegant female whom looks to have a more ideal and useful design to her rear skeleton. There is no question 4 holds the advantage in volume and substance. I just feel she is the coarser made female who plants straighter in the angle of her hock.

Her distinct advantage in performance allows her to easily dominate the middle decision. 4 is just the more practical centered female who still offers a look of quality from the side. Now sure I see value in 1’s moderate sound kind, but she’s the shorter faced female whom I question her maturity pattern.

Also though she’s on the small frame side, 1 is still the more functionally designed female in the closing pair. She’s simply the deeper female whom views sounder in all her angles. Yes, 3 looks later maturing and longer growing but unfortunately in a class of this caliber she’s straighter fronted female who could benefit from a better body design so she’s fourth.

Placing: 2-4-1-3
Cuts: 2-5-3

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