Mark That Card – Simmental Breeding Heifers

Placing 4-2-3-1
Cuts 5-2-3

I like the Bred Heifers 4-2-3-1. There’s no doubt in my mind 4 wins. She’s the best structured highest quality female, who’s body shape and freshness read to be the most cow like. She’s easily the freshest female with a great presence and she still has a nice spine, clean joints, and a quality hind leg. Now I’ll admit 2 brings more real cow dimension when you step behind the cattle. But I thought she pushed refinement to an extreme, so I left the frailer made, big chested heifer a distant second.

Yet in the middle it’s her cow power and brood cow body that pushes me to a 2-3 mark. 2’s the more genuine source for mass and substance of body and I’m more confident that will equate to more real brood cow being left post calving. 3 is tempting from the side because I prefer the way the top of her neck and shoulder are shaped and she stays more jet level in her topline. But not only do I question how much real cow is there, but she hasn’t perfected structure, as I’d change her hind leg both on the stand and in motion.

Then on bottom 3 beats 1 because from the side, she offers more quality. I like that heifers’ angles and symmetry and 3 offers the fresher and more feminine features. Sure 1, likely has more brood cow shape to her body and more substance to her hip, but the plainest heifer lacks the quality of her contemporaries. She’s plain headed, pushed out in her chest, and short hipped.

Thank you.

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