Mark That Card – Simmental Bulls

Placing 4-1-3-2
Cuts 3-2-4

I’ll rank the Simmental bulls 4132. There’s a pair of bulls up top who I think will prove profitable, but it’s with elite seed stock production in mind where I’ll start 4. It’s hard to make cattle opened up and stout down low while still keeping them sound and flexible at the surface. It’s the masculine, rugged made 2 bull’s ability to couple an unrivaled look from the side without sacrificing the bull basics of body and muscularity that would have me the most excited to turn him out on cows. Now, that’s not to say that 1 goes second for a lack of dimension. That’s a stout featured, muscular bull that is moderate and incredible in terms of his build down low and flexibility. He just doesn’t tie it together as well as my class winner because when you study them from the side, he’s a bit deeper in his chest floor, weaker topped and not as soft in his rear flank.

Now the decisions don’t get any easier in the middle, but I will still stick with 1’s moderate and practical kind. The most sensibly sized bull is bolder in his forerib an body shape and I like that he couples this with reading cleaner on the bottom side of his neck and stronger behind his shoulders.  But it’s close. I love the added length and performance in the 3 bull and his natural stoutness of feature is impressive downlow. He unfortunately just isn’t as massive in his muscle shape and hip up high. From a balance perspective, the longer sided bull gets weaker behind his shoulder and plainer in terms of presence up front.

But he’s simply got the structure advantage on bottom. The white sheathed bull is more laid back in the angle to his shoulder, more relaxed in his spine and built squarer and truer in terms of his hip and hind leg construction. Now don’t think 2 sorts down for lack of quality. That’s a well balanced bull that doesn’t forfeit muscle, power, stoutness or body shape. Unfortunately in a class of this caliber, his build limits him to 4th on my card. The blaze face is just too tight spined and straight off of both ends to move any higher on my card.

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