Mark That Card – Simmental Bulls

Reasons provided by Norther Oklahoma Community College Livestock Judging Team!

I’ll rank the Simmental bulls 2134. There’s a pair of bulls up top who I think will prove profitable, but it’s with elite seed stock production in mind where I’ll start 2. It’s hard to make cattle opened up and stout down low while still keeping them sound and flexible at the surface. It’s the masculine, rugged made 2 bull’s ability to couple an unrivaled look from the side without sacrificing the bull basics of body and muscularity that leads me to believe that he’ll produce the most lucrative offspring, regardless of gender. Now, that’s not to say that 1 goes second for a lack of dimension. That’s a stout featured, muscular bull that’s actually a nickel bolder in the turn to his fore rib. He just doesn’t tie it together as well as my class winner because when you study them from the side, the rounder shouldered bull just gets a nickel deeper about his chest floor and plainer up front.

But that’s me nit picking a good one in middle because compared to 3, he actually is the sounder structured bull who is hooked up better behind his shoulder while being more correct in the angle to his knee. It’s actually his longer and leveler hip that allows him to more effectively reach his stride on the go. Now, I can see a commercial bull buyer finding value in the baldy bull’s dimension. That’s a bold bodied bull who’s packed with power from behind. But shoulders forward I gotta fix the shorter necked bull. The weaker topped bull just falls into too many pieces and needs to have a better angle to his shoulder.

But if he breeds true on bottom I would expect his wider constructed, higher performing calves to push down the scales heavier at weaning if they inherit his extra muscularity and dimension. Now for what it’s worth, the solid black 4 bull may be long sided and extended but I question the straightest fronted, shallowest heeled bulls ability to cover cows not to mention I’d be the least excited about replicating the tight jawed bulls harsh center body. 

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