Mark That Card: Wether Dams

Thank you Harrell Club Lambs for providing placings and officials for this class.

Placing: 4-3-2-1
Cuts: 3-5-3

I like the wether dams 4321. There’s an awfully good one to win in 4, and I think it all starts with her skeletal build. She’s so stout structured and correct on her feet and legs, her spine is perfectly level, and she puts together all of the fundamentals of a good brood ewe while having the extra bells and whistles needed to make competitive show sheep. She’s perfectly round bodied, her underline balance is great and she has a wild muscle shape when viewed from behind. Now when it comes to 3, I’m a big fan of her maternal look and build. However, in comparison to 4 she’s just not as unique in her design and isn’t as stout structured.

Still in the middle I think she’s the easy choice. 3 is bolder in the shape of her fore rib and center body, she’s bigger and squarer loined, while being wider constructed at the base of her skeleton. 2 still has plenty of value and I like a lot of things about her. She’s great in her lines, extremely stout structured and I love her Hampshire character. However, when you study her from directly behind, I would just like to open up her rib cage and make her stouter pinned.

But in the bottom pair she’s still the stouter constructed option who has the advantage in power and performance. 1 is certainly a good built good bodied female that I think will continue to get better as she matures. However, compared to her contemporaries, she just gets out massed and outperformed. 

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