Mark Your Card: Angus Bred Heifers

Livestock Judging Class: Angus Bred Heifers

Angus Bred Heifers Official Results
Results provided by the University of Illinois Livestock Judging Team

4-3-1-2 Cuts: 2-6-3

4312 is how I like the Angus bred heifers
Even though there’s a pair of sounder structured, deeper bodied brood cow prospects who both uphold the breed’s claim to true maternal character, I found the highest quality most striking look in the more moderate framed 4. Yes, I’d like to see her more honest in her breeding condition, but the heifer who is more refined in the shape of her neck also sends it higher from her shoulder and remains leveler out of her hip, which all completes her most balanced look from the side. On the other hand, the bigger footed 3’s class leading power and performance sure tempted a switch, plus I actually think she’s laid back better in the angle of her shoulder and reads deeper flanked, though I’d like to see the heifer who’s pushing more chest to be laid in neater at her tail head.
Regardless, in the middle decision she’s easily the deeper sided, bolder fore ribbed heifer whose structure I’d more readily trust long term. Not only does she take a more reaching stride off both ends, but better maintains her top line as well. Sure 1 is the fresher conditioned alternative who’s smoother shouldered and more refined about her head and neck, but it’s unfortunate that corresponds with being the flattest made, frailest boned heifer who’s also straight shouldered and breaks in her loin on the go.
Still I’m always willing to sacrifice a bit of muscle in order to gain a structural upgrade and femininity, and of the final 2 she’s definitely the nicer headed option who’s still more correct off either end. Now I’m sure there’s some who’d be willing to make a switch and capitalize on 2’s added muscularity, but it’s never good to be the coarsest shouldered, shallowest bodied and poorest structured Angus heifer.
Thank you.
Provided by the University of Illinois Livestock Judging Team
Parker Henley

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