New Product: VitaFerm Mineral Lyk Tub

At BioZyme Inc. we are always looking for new ways to better serve our customers and their animals, and one of the ways we feel we can accomplish this is through new product development. With that being said, we are pleased to announce our VitaFerm Mineral Lyk. Starting June 2014 the VitaFerm Mineral Lyk will be available in a 200 lb. tub.

Why do many producers prefer a cooked tub over loose mineral?  

In today’s market convenience and peace of mind are big factors in the growth of feeding tubs. The fact of the matter is cattle will nearly always consume a cooked molasses tub and loose mineral is more susceptible to variable intake. With today’s cooked technology producers can easily control consumption of a cooked molasses tub by managing the amount of surface area per cow and measuring intake. If producers desire more consumption they simply increase the surface area by feeding less cows per tub.

When is the best time to feed the VitaFerm Mineral Lyk? 

The VitaFerm Mineral Lyk is a great product to feed year around but specifically anytime producers have trouble getting adequate mineral intake with loose mineral.s Another great feature is that there is minimal risk of wind or rain loss of your mineral. If it rains cows simply drink the water off the top and the nutrients are not leached out like a loose mineral. The 200 lb tubs also offer the convenience of not needing or having to move a mineral feeder in large pastures as multiple tubs can be placed to attract cattle to new areas of the pasture.

The product says it can be used on both cows and stocker cattle, how can that be good enough for my cows as stocker cattle products are generally much lower in nutrient density? 

In the loose mineral side of the business this is generally true as products are formulated for similar intake between the two groups. The difference in a cooked tub is we can manage intake. In the case of VitaFerm Mineral Lyk cows should be managed to consume 6-8 ounces per day, thus providing a higher level of nutrients. Compare that to stocker cattle that will be managed to consume 4-6 ounces.

What are the key benefits?   

The VitaFerm Mineral Lyk contains high levels of very digestible sources of trace minerals and vitamins needed to support animal health and reproductive performance when fed as part of a year around nutrition program. It contains organic sources of copper, zinc, manganese and cobalt to ensure success and nutrient absorption; even in the presence of antagonists such as iron, sulfur, and molybdenum that reduce the effectiveness of other sources.

The VitaFerm Mineral Lyk also contains the correct level of Amaferm for not only a 400 lb. stocker but also a 1,200 lb. cow based on the variable feeding rate. Amaferm ensures that your animals are digesting every mouthful of feed to extract the maximum amount of energy from your forages. That means more energy and more protein to support animal performance and improve your bottom line.

When should I feed VitaFerm Mineral Lyk? 

During calving through breeding, when protein is needed, we recommend VitaFerm Power Lyk a 20% All natural protein and a complete mineral package.  When protein is not required our recommendation is VitaFerm Mineral Lyk. The combination gives you convenient year around nutrition and the Amaferm advantage.

To learn more about the new VitaFerm Mineral Lyk contact your Area Sales Manager or your nearest dealer.

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