September Best of the Web


If you’ve been following the Sure Champ blog for a few years now, you might remember that we used to post monthly best of the web blog posts with pictures that we received on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. We’re excited to announce that it’s back!

September brought a ton of great photos from our customers and dealers across the nation, and included fun contests like the Back 2 the Barn photo contest. Here are some of our favorites from the month.


Submitted by @lexi.smesta
We don’t think it gets much cuter that piggy kisses. Thanks for the great photo, Lexi!


Submitted by @ErinPatterson4
Sometimes the #stockshowlife struggle is real. Who else has been in the same situation? Classic shot, Erin!


Submitted by @kmariea
Talk about the ultimate multi-tasking! We know fall can be a busy time of year, so special shoutout to all of the juniors that are balancing school, sports, other activities AND time out in the barn. You all are rockstars – thanks for the photo, Kelsie!


Submitted by @tare.bare
Taryn Wright knows the importance of using Vita Charge to protect her livestock and help them recovery quickly during times of high stress. We’re sure her steer appreciates it, too!


Submitted by Megan Walton
Steers aren’t the only ones that love Vita Charge products – goats do, too! Check out the video on our Facebook page.


Between NAILE, American Royal and Halloween, we’re excited to see what October brings! Send your photos to champ@biozymeinc.con or tag us on social media using #surechamp and you may see your photos in next month’s Best of the Web.

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