Showmanship Outtakes


No matter how hard you work in the barn, one part of showmanship that will often trip you up are the questions asked by the judge. When put on the spot, kids, especially the younger ones, can sometimes give creative if not humorous answers. Here are some of the better showmanship outtakes that were shared with us by judges.


surechamp-outtakes-june2016-bonus“I asked about a ten year old young man one time, ‘How much does your steer eat.’ His answer was, ‘All of it.’ Not the answer I was looking for, however, it was so funny I moved him up to second place!” ~ Chad Oates, TX

“How old is your heifer? Answer: Angus.” ~ Graham Blagg, CA

“I was judging a show in Arizona a couple years ago and when I got to pig showmanship. I got down to my top four and told the kids to take their pigs to the corners of the ring and hold them there until I called for them individually. While I was calling on one girl to turn her pig out, I hear the audience bust out laughing so I turn around and see that one of the other kids pig had jumped the fence out of the ring and ran out of the door of the barn.” ~ Cassidy Hayes, TX

“I judged a local county show, favorite class was junior hog showmanship. I asked three questions, 1st: How much does your hog weigh? Everyone nailed it. 2nd: What breed is your barrow? Best answer, ‘Um… Let me think… Oh yeah, New York! Yep, that’s it. He’s a New York-shire.’ Good answer. Lol! 3rd: What is your hogs best physical trait? Best answer, ‘Definitely his belly because whenever I scratch it he rolls over.’ Kids. They say the most hilarious things, ever!” ~ Katie Hanger, AZ

“I was judging senior sheep showmanship at a county fair in Kansas. I asked the exhibitors to give me ideas on how to expand lamb consumption in the United States. A young lady replied with, ‘It’s quite simple really, you just have to kill all the pigs and cows!” ~ Randell VonKrosigk, CO

“As an intern for Sure Champ part of our responsibilities included working “the wheel” at all of the shows we attended. One day at Angus Junior Nationals my fellow intern, Nick Fitzsimmons, was asking the questions when the wheel was open. One little boy about 6-8 years old came up to spin the wheel and landed on a medium level question. Nick asked, ‘What is excess energy stored as?’ The boy thought intently for a split second and then blurted out excitedly, ‘SEMEN!'” ~ Chloe Geye, TX

Comment below with some of the funniest answers you have heard kids give!

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