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Haskell, TX – DRIVE Livestock (DRIVE) announced today the signing of a definitive agreement to merge DRIVE’s communication expertise and community into Sure Champ®. The merger will strengthen and support the similar missions of both brands.

Sure Champ, in addition to providing premium animal nutrition products, is strongly invested in creating and supporting opportunities for youth involved in livestock programs. The merger will amplify their dedication to positive, educational initiatives.

“DRIVE’s selfless mission to reach young people who show livestock has resulted in an incredibly engaged community of all ages who are passionate about production agriculture”, said Lisa Norton, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Sure Champ. “As a company, we are as interested in the health of our industry as we are in the health of the livestock we feed. Sure Champ is excited to integrate the metrics in which DRIVE reaches young people, allowing us to enhance our initiatives as educators and encouragers of agriculture.”

DRIVE was founded in 2010 by Jackie Lackey with a mission to recognize achievement, encourage personal development and educate youth on the opportunities available in agriculture. Since its inception, the direction of the company has been driven by audience demand. According to Jackie, “By the response, it was clear there was a need and desire for a positive supporting voice. DRIVE is proud to serve youth in an industry steeped in service and stewardship.”

“DRIVE has only begun to scratch the surface of what we set out to achieve. To have the opportunity to work alongside a company that shares the same objectives and who truly walks the walk in terms of commitment to youth is an honor,” says Jackie. “This merger will allow our cause to be heard by more people and our impact to be greater.”

The merger will be in full effect on January 1, 2015.

DRIVE Livestock is a nationally recognized digital publication that offers positive encouragement and education for youth involved in showing livestock. DRIVE’s outreach aims to be relevant, trendy and delivered through a means that its readers prefer. The Texas-based company has approximately 60,000 online followers.

Sure Champ, and its youth focused brand, is owned by BioZyme® Incorporated. BioZyme has served the livestock industry as an innovator in the fields of animal nutrition and microbiology for more than 60 years. BioZyme offers a complete line of high density, highly bioavailable vitamin, mineral and microbial supplements for animals. BioZyme is headquartered in St. Joseph, MO and distributes its products throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Jackie Lackey
DRIVE :: CEO and Creative Director
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Crystal Blin
BioZyme, Inc. :: Director of Marketing
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What to watch for:
In the coming weeks, be on the look out for changes to our website, social pages and more! We appreciate your patience during this transition and look forward to continuing to encourage a community of active livestock youth enthusiasts.

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