Sure Champ ® Extreme is Now Available with ClariFly ®

Show livestock get some of the best care possible. At BioZyme®Inc., we want to make sure it stays that way. When springtime temperatures start to climb, another stressor becomes more apparent–flies. That is why BioZyme has now formulated Sure Champ®Extreme with ClariFly®, to combat the elevated temperature and stop flies in their larval stage.

SureChamp Extreme with ClariFly is a daily supplement with the Amaferm®advantage for show cattle and pigs that can be top-dressed or mixed into the ration to promote appetite and digestive health. It includes technology designed to help support animals during elevated temperatures, as well as the control of four common flies(horn, face, stable and house flies) in their larval stage, helping reduce two common stressors to show livestock.

“Flies are a huge problem in the summer months, and their annoyance to show livestock can change behaviors, add stress or health challenges and reduce performance. If you want to be competitive, proper fly control is paramount in keeping your show stock healthy, stress free and on feed,” said Chris Cassady, Ph.D., BioZyme Technical Sales Field Manager.

The new Sure Champ Extreme with ClariFly formula will be sold in 40-pound bags and will be available for purchase beginning March 15. Because ClariFly controls flies in their larval stage, it is recommended to be fed before flies start hatching for best results. So, in the southern U.S., it would be ideally started in March, in the central U.S., betweenMarch 15 and April 15, and in the north, by May 1. It can be fed all summer long to control flies, and Cassady reminded there is no effect on the carcass, so there is no withdrawal time on market animals.

“Delivering ClariFly larvicide directly into your feed supplement allows you to easily control the emergence of face, house, stable, and horn flies in the manure. Reducing the number of flies on the premise keeps animals comfortable and on feed. There’s no room for error in the summer show season, keep them healthy and stress-free with Sure Champ Extreme with ClariFly,” Cassady encouraged.

Help your show cattle and pigs #PreptoWin this summer by beating the stress of heat and flies with products from Sure Champ.

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