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Scholarships for Agriculture Students

Scholarships are a great way to cover costs for educational expenses inside and out of the classroom so you don’t rack up those student loans.  There are a ton of opportunities available, if you’re willing to look. Let’s help get you started. Here are a few places we suggest looking for scholarships within your community and […]

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Mark That Card: Simmental Heifers

Simmental Heifers Official Results Provided by, Blake Bloomberg, Oklahoma State University 1-2-4-3  Cuts: 4-4-7 I like the Simmental Heifers 1-2-4-3. It’s hard not to tie into the combination of look and cow power I find in the 1 female to win. Not only is she long necked and attractive, but here’s one that puts it together with […]

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Preparing Livestock for the Show: Weight Management

By Josh Brockman, Brockman Farms What’s the right thing to do? That’s a question I ask myself for every situation when it comes to livestock, but it’s especially true when it comes to feeding and preparing for a show from a weight standpoint. The first and most important factor to consider is to “Get a Plan” and […]

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