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Mark That Card: Yearling Brahman Heifer Results

Yearling Brahman Heifers Official Results Provided by, Chris Mullinix, Kansas State University First, I’d like to thank Sure Champ for giving K-State the opportunity to evaluate this class of Brahman heifers. Also, special thanks to the V8 Ranch for supplying great pictures of an exceptional set of females. The top three heifers are pretty close, but I think […]

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Keep Your Cattle on the Go at a Show

By Josh Brockman, Brockman Farms Livestock projects are many things: fun, exciting, addicting and an enjoyable a family event. Like most any other opportunity in life they are also hard work, expensive, time consuming and competitive. Showing cattle is unique to other species because of the time they spend on feed. Whether it is heifers or […]

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