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Lactation vs Gestation Feeds for Sows

by Jason Lackey, Lackey Livestock As we begin putting sows in crates, every producer is always hopeful for the same thing —  a big, healthy litter. During this time, many will inquire about the differences in nutrition and if it is necessary or important to switch sow feed from a gestation to lactation ration when those […]

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Show Ring Lessons Pave the Way for Career

By, Rhonda McMurry Warren Mayberry is an ambassador for his company. As a governmental affairs director for DuPont, he is a fixture in State Capitols, industry conventions, socials and networking events. His territory covers seven states and he works diligently to connect with people in various levels of influence to promote the business of DuPont. […]

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Mark That Card: Gelbvieh Bulls Judging Class

  Below is additional information to help you in placing the class. Scroll to the bottom for the official class results.       Gelbvieh Bulls Official Results Provided by, Brandon Callis, Redlands Community College 3-2-4-1   Cuts: 3-5-3 I place the class of Gelbvieh bulls 3241. Finding a top pair of higher quality bulls; 3’s added muscle […]

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