Extremely Essential Products To Focus On Right Out Of The Gate

If you show livestock, you understand the frustration you feel when your animal goes off feed. Sure Champ® is proud to offer a product line that seeks to alleviate some of your frustration and keep animals on track; because if your animals aren’t eating, you’re not winning.

“Keeping animal health and digestive health in the forefront is our number one priority,” said Blaine Rodgers, BioZyme Show Livestock Business Development and Field Support. “That is why we constantly work to develop new products and making changes to other products that will help keep your show livestock eating and healthy.”

All Sure Champ products contain Amaferm®, is a prebiotic designed to enhance digestibility by amplifying the nutrient supply for maximum performance. It is research-proven to increase intake, digestion and absorption.

Sure Champ Extreme with Climate Control is one of the new products that BioZyme® launched in April of 2018. The success of Vita Charge® Climate Control Gel the previous year helped to stimulate the idea behind this product. Sure Champ Extreme with Climate Control now provides the flexibility to incorporate natural temperature regulating ingredients of Climate Control everyday as a top dress. This is a convenient feeding method, allowing you to constantly be proactive in keeping your stock cool.

Sure Champ Extreme with Climate Control is a daily top-dress supplement that is formulated for cattle, hogs, sheep and goats and designed to help eliminate heat stress in the animals due to increased temperatures, high humidity or extreme shifts in temperatures or climate. In addition to the Amaferm, it contains plant extracts that support the animal’s ability to maintain normal body temperatures. Extreme also contains garlic, to deter insects. Because Extreme with Climate Control is for all species, it is available in 50-pound bag and a 25-pound bucket with a scoop marked with the suggested feeding amounts.

Not only is Extreme a great supplement for show livestock, it also works as a good supplement for show calf prospects on fall sales, as you can add this to their feed to help them keep healthy and combat heat stress during the hot summer days.

“In addition to being a great supplement for all species of show livestock, Extreme also serves as a great additive to be included in cattle rations. We feel the addition of this to your current ration will provide many advantages especially for those who market their calf crop in the late summer and early fall when temperatures can still be high, and cattle are affected negatively from heat stress. The opportunity to conveniently add Extreme during these times will allow producers to help reduce stress and maintain normal body temperatures during high traffic periods when buyers are visiting to look at their sale offering,” Rodgers said.

Don’t let the heat prevent your animals from feeling good. Try Sure Champ Extreme with Climate Control!

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