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Seeking Success with Sure Champ

“I thought he looked pretty decent, but we weren’t expecting anything.” These are the words of an excited 19-year-old Sydnee Gerken, Cashion, Okla., after her steer, Richard, claimed the Grand Champion Bred-and-owned Steer banner at the 2017 National Junior Angus Show in Des Moines. Richard, whose registered name is SMG Insight 6510, is a March […]

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Engage, Inspire, Educate: My Summer at BioZyme

To sum up my summer with BioZyme® Inc. I would use three words: engage, inspire and educate. From traveling across the country to being in the office in St. Joseph, Missouri, I was constantly engaging, inspiring and being inspired, educating and being educated. I left my mark in Des Moines, Louisville and Texarkana by teaching […]

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Manage Heat Stress in Your Show Livestock Projects

We’ve hit the hottest days of summer just as many livestock exhibitors are preparing for county and state fairs. No matter the hours of work and preparation you’ve put into your livestock projects, heat stress is a challenge to plan for and manage. While we typically think about heat stress in extreme temperatures, the reality […]

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