How to Ensure a Healthy Pig by Summer Shows 

healthy pig

Healthy Pig

Springtime across much of the U.S. is exciting for show pig exhibitors. It marks the pursuit of the next great one. You’ll be visiting breeders, staying up late to see if you “win the bid” during online sales and loading the popper with your new show pig prospect. Spring also brings trials – weather and commingling can mean keeping a healthy pig can be challenging. 

However, at BioZyme®, we believe in care that comes full circle. And we’ve developed a line of products specifically designed to support the health and well-being of show livestock – Sure Champ®. 

Our Sure Champ Team wants you to know that you’re not alone. We created this blog just for our pig exhibitors to help ensure you have a healthy pig to drive to the winner’s circle by your spring jackpot series. 

Take Proactive Health Measures Early 

Communication with the breeder about health protocols is key to ensuring the future success of your show pig. Some questions you should ask include about diet and vaccination protocols. Asking questions takes the guesswork out of what vaccinations you will need to give when you get your new pig home.

Here are some good questions to ask: 

  • Are the pigs vaccinated and dewormed?  
  • When were the pigs vaccinated?  
  • What were they vaccinated for? 
  • Can you provide documentation of vaccinations and any health records? 
  • What measures do you take to ensure the overall health and well-being of the pigs? 

The Importance of Vaccinations

Even if the pigs have been vaccinated, you will still want to vaccinate them for circovirus and Mycoplasma, both diseases that cause porcine respiratory disease. It is also a good idea to vaccinate them for porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS), the hog industry’s most costly respiratory disease. 

As always, you should establish a good working relationship with your veterinarian. Having a veterinarian-client relationship will allow your vet to know your animals and allows them to know if something is terribly wrong when one is sick or not feeling its best.  

Remember to read and follow label directions and abide by all withdrawal times. 

Hydration is Key 

Provide clean, fresh water for your pig to make sure it stays hydrated and healthy. Monitor water availability regularly and promptly address any issues with water quality or access. If using a nipple watering system, make sure the nipple works properly and that water is accessible at all times. 

If you are using an alternate watering system and need to provide water for your pig, make sure to give it fresh water at least twice a day. During the heat of summer, refresh its water more often. A healthy pig is a hydrated pig. Hydration also drives feed intake, and you don’t want your show prospect to go off feed. 

Provide a Clean Environment, Ventilation 

Maintain a clean and sanitary living environment for your show pigs to minimize the risk of disease and infection. Regularly clean and disinfect housing facilities, feeders, waterers and equipment. Pick pens at least twice daily to remove wet shavings and feces. 

Scrape pens as needed and replace bedding with high-quality shavings. Skin rashes can develop with low-quality shavings. Shavings provide clean bedding and a warm environment for pigs to nestle into when the weather is cooler. 

Additionally, you will want to provide adequate ventilation to help prevent any coughing, which could lead to further respiratory issues.  

Parasite Control 

Implement a parasite control program to prevent and manage internal and external parasites, such as worms, mites and lice. Administer deworming treatments as recommended by your veterinarian and practice management to reduce parasite exposure. 

Biosecurity Measures 

Implement biosecurity measures to prevent the introduction and spread of diseases within your show pig herd. Practice strict quarantine protocols for new animals, limit visitors and outside exposure and maintain proper hygiene and sanitation practices. 

Biosecurity might look slightly different for a healthy pig between shows than it does for a confinement of farrow to finish operation. For instance, show pigs are constantly moving between shows and your barn, so picking up disease is more likely. Your equipment is also on the move and exposed to other people, places and pigs. 

It is best to have two sets of equipment so one can stay in your barn, and the other in the trailer. This equipment will include feeders, buckets, pitchforks, brushes, and sprayers. The set that stays in the trailer should remain in the trailer for shows. However, this equipment should be washed and disinfected between shows. This is because it has likely exposed to other pigs at the show with an unknown health status. 

Especially if showing off your trailer, you will want to disinfect your trailer regularly, as the show pigs will come in contact with other pigs and people at the show. 

Regular Veterinary Care 

Schedule regular veterinary check-ups and consultations to monitor the health status of your show pigs. Your veterinarian can provide vaccinations, deworming treatments and health assessments to prevent and address potential health issues. 

Proper Nutrition 

Provide a balanced and nutritious diet tailored to the specific nutritional needs of each show pig. Consult with the show pig breeder you purchased your pig from or a livestock nutritionist to develop a feeding program that supports growth, muscle development and overall health. Be sure that clean, fresh water is part of the health regimen. 

At Sure Champ, we provide several supplements to help maintain a healthy pig, while helping you #PreptoWin. Let’s explore some of the products that can help your pig stay healthy up to the spring jackpots and beyond. 

A List of Sure Champ Products for Daily Use 

Sure Champ® Extreme with ClariFly® 

Sure Champ Extreme with ClariFly is a pelleted, daily supplement for show livestock. It includes ClariFly® and supports hoof health, hair coat, and performance when temperatures are above 70 degrees.

Extreme contains AO-Biotics® Amaferm®, a prebiotic research-proven to enhance digestibility. We know that 70% of the immune response starts in the gut, so anytime we can get Amaferm in an animal, it will likely have a healthy gut, leading to an overall healthier animal. 

It also contains MOS (mannan oligosaccharides) to help normalize gut microflora and support the immune system. Finally, it contains HEAT® technology, a combination of essential oils and garlic, as well as ClariFly to support animals when heat and insects are a challenge. 

This product is available in both 40- and 25-pound bags. 

Sure Champ Joint Juice 

Sure Champ® Joint Juice is a liquid product for show livestock designed to support joint health utilizing patented technology. Joint Juice contains MHB3®, a patented high molecular weight hyaluronic acid that lubricates joints and supports mobility to support sustainable soundness. 

Joint Juice is available in both 1-gallon and 64-ounce jugs with pumps. 

Sure Champ Products with Vita Charge® Technology 

Sure Champ offers several gels and a liquid to ensure a healthy pig using the Vita Charge Technology. Vita Charge Technology is a unique blend of ingredients to help support animal health before, during or after the stress response. Most of these products are ideal when treating sickness, hauling to a show or at a show – anytime an animal is under a stressful situation. 

Sure Champ Liquid Boost 

Sure Champ® Liquid Boost® is a liquid for all livestock designed to provide immediate support to the animal’s digestive and immune system. Formerly known as Vita Charge Liquid Boost, this fruit-flavored product helps drive feed and water intake.

It contains AO-Biotics Amaferm, a prebiotic research-proven to enhance digestibility and MOS to help normalize gut microflora and support the immune system.

Designed as a transition or high-stress product to help drive appetite, some feeders and exhibitors add this through their water daily to help keep their pig’s digestive system healthy. They also appreciate the flavoring that masks the water taste that some animals simply don’t like. 

Liquid Boost comes in a 2.5 gallon and 32-ounce size. 

Sure Champ Appetite Express 

Sure Champ® Appetite Express is a gel for all livestock designed to provide immediate support to the animal’s digestive and immune system. Formerly known as Vita Charge Gel, this product works fast to support appetite and hydration. It contains AO-Biotics Amaferm, a prebiotic research-proven to enhance digestibility and MOS. MOS helps normalize gut microflora and support the immune system. 

Sure Champ Climate Control Gel 

Sure Champ® Climate Control Gel is a gel for all livestock designed to support digestive health and recovery when temperatures are above 70 degrees. Formerly known as Vita Charge Climate Control Gel, it contains HEAT technology, a combination of essential oils, to support animals when heat is a challenge. This gel also contains AO-Biotics Amaferm, a prebiotic research-proven to enhance digestibility and promote appetite and water intake. 

Sure Champ Clench Gel 

Sure Champ® Clench Gel is a gel for all livestock designed to support normal digestive function during occasional diarrhea/scours. Formerly known as Vita Charge Clench Gel, it also contains Amaferm and MOS as well as electrolytes to support rehydration. 

The Sure Champ Team recommends keeping all gels in the show barn and in the show box for any time you need to boost appetite or water intake. 

#PreptoWin with Sure Champ 

Jackpots and summer shows might seem a ways off, but it is never too early to ensure your healthy pigs will be show ring ready when show day is here. You can get your Sure Champ products as easily as ordering online today. 

Do you prefer to support a local Sure Champ dealer? Find a dealer near you to find all your favorite Sure Champ and other BioZyme products. 

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