Getting Started with Show Goats

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Step 1: Selecting Your Goat


Picking the Perfect Show Lamb Prospect

Some people are born with the natural ability to pick out quality show livestock. Others develop the talent over time. Regardless of your current skill level, one thing that can help young livestock exhibitors trying to pick out their next…

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Step 2: Equipping your New Project

Moms Know Best

Everything you should know about feeding, show supplies, at home, and at the show for beginners.

Show Mom Perspective: Goats Make a Great Starter Project, Require Less Equipment

Holly Hummel understands the value of youth programs and the work ethic, responsibility and basic skills like decision making and public speaking that are a result of involvement in 4-H and FFA. As a mother of four, she also understands the importance of children having a positive experience with their livestock projects and recommends Boer goats as a specie that is great to start with.

"Goats make great starter projects, both because of their size and lack of intimidation-factor, as well as having less equipment requirements,” Holly said. “Goats are incredibly stubborn! But, having the kids make friends with them initially will get you much further than thinking you can break their spirit later on."

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Step 3: Daily Care

Keep these tips in mind EVERY. DAY. as you #preptowin


Minimize Their Stress, Maximize Your Success

Stress. It is in our lives every day. Some stress can have a positive effect but more times than not we think of stress as something that causes a negative reaction to our bodies and minds. Just like humans, animals…

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Tips to Get Show Goats Started on Feed

Trends have changed over time in the competitive livestock arena. Frame size, muscling requirements, feeding and fitting techniques have evolved over the years, and perhaps one of the hottest trends to hit the show ring in the past few decades…

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How to Efficiently Exercise your Show Lambs and Goats

The purple banner. It’s every showman’s goal to walk out of the show ring with the royal purple banner, the sign of a champion. But that banner isn’t given freely. It takes work, dedication and the knowledge and effort of…

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Step 4: Show Day Prep Tips


5 Tips for Keeping Your Animals Hydrated

Water is the most essential nutrient of life. Humans, animals and plants all rely on the water for survival, due to its molecular makeup. Water is vital for bodily functions like nutrient intake, absorption and feed conversion, overall health, waste…

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