Show Goat Supplements Increase Animal Health, Performance 

show goat supplements

Show Goat Supplements

Small ruminants like show goats are growing in popularity year after year. If you’ve been around them for even a little while, it’s easy to see why. They often have great personalities, and with some daily care and T.L.C., they are easy to break and tame. For younger exhibitors, they are a great early project that is a good combination of cattle and lambs, but perhaps easier to handle. 

Many people have referred to the market goats as “miniature steers,” and with the exception of a few fitting and showing protocols, there are several similarities.  

One of the benefits of showing goats is the life span of a show goat’s show career. Unlike a market pig, for example, you can show goats months, if fed and cared for properly. However, like any show animal, it needs to receive proper nutrition, including show goat supplements. 

Why Would You Use Show Goat Supplements? 

Feeding show goat supplements is a common practice to enhance the animals’ health, appearance and performance. Show goats are often subjected to high levels of stress and competition. Supplements can help support their overall well-being and improve their chances of success in the show ring.  

Several quality show goat supplements exist to keep animals healthy and performing. At Sure Champ®, we know that champions are made at home. We have created a line of products that support the health and well-being of show livestock because we care about all animals and the young people exhibiting those animals. 

Let’s explore the reasons why you might want to feed supplements to your show goats:

Muscle Development 

Supplements containing protein, amino acids, and other muscle-building nutrients can help develop and maintain muscle mass in show goats. This is particularly important for meat goats where muscularity is a desired trait. 

Weight Gain & Conditioning 

Supplements high in calories, fats, and carbohydrates can help goats achieve and maintain optimal body condition for exhibition. This is especially beneficial for goats who need to gain weight or improve their overall appearance before a show. 

Coat & Skin Health 

Supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals can promote healthy skin and coat in show goats, helping them to catch the judge’s eye. 

Hoof & Horn Health 

Selected supplements may contain nutrients like biotin and zinc, which support hoof health and horn growth in goats. This can help maintain strong, healthy hooves and improve the overall presentation of the animal. 

Digestive Health 

Supplements containing probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes support gut health and aid digestion. This can help prevent digestive issues, such as bloat or diarrhea, which can negatively impact a goat’s performance in the show ring. 

At BioZyme, we know that 70% of the immune response is found in the gut, so if you keep your goat’s gut healthy, its overall health should be in stellar condition, too. That is why we base so many of our show goat supplement on the research-proven prebiotic AO-Biotics® Amaferm®. 

We’ll discuss Amaferm in more detail, as well as some supplemental Sure Champ products, a little later in this blog. 

Immune Support 

Supplements containing vitamins, antioxidants, and immune-boosting ingredients can help strengthen the immune system. They can also enhance overall health and resilience in show goats. This is particularly important in stressful show environments. Most show goats become more susceptible to illness during exposure to other goats weekend after weekend at various shows. 

Joint Health 

Joint-supporting nutrients like hyaluronic acid (HA) may be included in show goat supplements to promote joint health and mobility in show goats. As goats age or engage in rigorous physical activity closer to shows, taking care of their joints with a supplement should become a bigger priority in your barn. 

Stress Reduction 

Certain supplements contain adaptogens or calming ingredients that help reduce stress and anxiety in show goats. This can be beneficial during travel, handling, or exposure to new environments associated with the show circuit

We’d be remiss if we didn’t remind you to consult with a veterinarian or nutritionist to determine the specific nutritional needs of your show goats. Then, select show goat supplements that are appropriate for their age, breed, health status, and dietary requirements. Additionally, always follow recommended feeding guidelines and avoid over-supplementation. After all, excessive intake of certain nutrients can have adverse effects on goat health. 

Sure Champ Offers Solutions 

Sure Champ cares about the health and well-being of your animals, be they show goats or other livestock. We pride ourselves on safe, accurate products that do what we say they do, and make an undeniable impact on your animals. And we don’t just talk the talk, either—we use our products. That’s why we hope you will, too. 

Learn more about the Sure Champ’s show goat supplements: 

Show Goat Supplements from Sure Champ

Sure Champ® Extreme with ClariFly®   

Sure Champ Extreme with ClariFlyis a pelleted, daily supplement for show livestock with ClariFly that supports hoof health, hair coat, and performance during temperatures over 70 degrees. Designed for all species, it contains Amaferm and MOS to help normalize gut microflora and support the immune system. It also contains HEAT technology, a combination of essential oils and garlic, as well as ClariFly to support animals when heat and insects are a challenge.  

Sure Champ® Liquid Boost®  

Sure Champ Liquid Boost is a liquid for all livestock designed to provide immediate support to the animal’s digestive and immune systems. Formerly known as Vita Charge Liquid Boost, it contains both Amaferm and MOS, and flavoring to help drive the intake of feed or water.  

Sure Champ® Appetite Plus Gel 

Sure Champ Appetite Plus Gel is a gel for all livestock designed to provide immediate support to the animal’s digestive and immune systems. Formerly known as Vita Charge Gel, it contains both Amaferm and MOS. It works fast to support appetite and hydration. 

Sure Champ® Clench Gel  

Sure Champ Clench Gel is a gel for all livestock designed to support normal digestive function during occasional diarrhea/scours. Formerly known as Vita Charge Clench Gel, it includes Amaferm and MOS, and it contains electrolytes to support rehydration.  

Sure Champ® Climate Control Gel  

Sure Champ Climate Control Gel is a gel that supports livestock digestive health and recovery during temperatures over 70 degrees. Formerly known as Vita Charge Climate Control Gel, it contains HEAT technology, a combination of essential oils, to support animals when heat is a challenge. It also includes Amaferm and promotes appetite and water intake. 

Sure Champ® Joint Juice  

Sure Champ Joint Juice is a liquid product for livestock designed to support joint health utilizing patented technology. Joint Juice contains MHB3®, a patented high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid. It lubricates joints and supports mobility and soundness.  

Make Your Champions at Home  

It is never too early to start working on your show goats. That’s especially true with summer jackpots and county fairs on the horizon. From proper nutrition to skin and hair care to mitigating heat stress and traveling comfortably, there are plenty of daily tasks.   

You can get your Sure Champ products as easily as ordering online today.   

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