How to Beat the Heat EVERY. DAY.

It’s that wonderful, but challenging time of year for weather patterns. Bundle up in a hoody to do morning chores before school, and by after school, you’re likely to be out there feeding, exercising and rinsing in shorts and a T-shirt. If you think dressing for the temperature shifts are a challenge, try being a show animal that doesn’t have the ability to add or take off layers. 

Lucky for show livestock, Sure Champ® Extreme® with Climate Control exists to help regulate their body temperatures, keeping them comfortable and on feed and water, regardless of the temperature outside. 

“Research shows that at 70 degrees, animals will show signs of heat stress. However, just like humans, when the weather has been cool and overcast and then it changes to sunny and 65, you might see them out there panting because of the big shift in temperature,” said Blaine Rodgers, Show Livestock Business Development & Field Support for BioZyme® Inc. “It doesn’t have to be 105-degrees for heat stress to occur with those animals. It just has to be starting to warm up.” 

Sure Champ Extreme is a daily feed supplement designed for cattle, pigs, sheep and goats that not only helps regulate their temperature, but also impacts their intake, digestibility and nutrient absorption. As its name indicates it helps the animals maintain a more constant temperature level, rather than acting as a cooling agent, due to a mixture of all-natural plant extracts. Amaferm®, a precision-based prebiotic included in all Sure Champ products, also helps cool the animals internally. Amaferm is research-proven at making animals more efficient by breaking down nutrients further, digesting and absorbing them. 

Rodgers recommends that livestock exhibitors and feeders start using it now as the temperatures are increasing so their animals can start getting acclimated to the Sure Champ Extreme. The plant extract within it will also help the livestock start regulating their body temperatures.  

“We’ll have 45 consecutive days over 100 degrees, and cattle generally back off feed that time of year. Anything we can do to promote the cattle being more comfortable, cooler and on feed, we’re all about. The Sure Champ Extreme helps keep them comfortable and keep them on feed during those 100-degree plus days; they aren’t panting, and they are still eating well. The Sure Champ Extreme seemed to make a big difference,” said Jon Gevelinger, Bulverde, Texas. 

In addition to the plant extracts and Amaferm, Sure Champ Extreme has other key ingredients to keep livestock comfortable, healthy and performing during the heat of summer. The supplement also contains MOS to trap and expel pathogens, limiting their ability to do harm, biotin and zinc to support healthy skin, hair and hooves, and garlic, to deter insects. 

“With a product like Sure Champ Extreme, your animals are going to experience more comfort and less stress in the heat of the summer. Therefore, they should stay on feed and water, and be higher performing for you as you work toward your end-point,” Rodgers said. 

Before you know it, you’ll be ditching those hoodies and trying to find ways to beat the heat all day long. Help your show livestock perform to their potential with a daily supplement like Sure Champ Extreme with Climate Control. Feeding the Amaferm advantage EVERY. DAY. will help you beat the heat while you #preptowin.

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